Luscious Lashes that Liven up your Look

As the saying goes, our eyes are the windows to our soul, therefore our eyelashes are the rows of pretty flowers planted on the window sill. Long and lush lashes are every glam girl’s goal, unfortunately not all of us ladies were blessed enough in that department. Many of us turn to mascaras and false eyelashes to achieve thicker and longer lashes, but mascaras and falsies are temporary fixes and need to be reapplied and touched-up throughout the day. What a hassle, right? Lash tinting jacksonville beach fl services may be just what you’re looking for if you want to drastically enhance your natural-born lashes, permanently.

How does Lash Tinting Work?

Lash tinting jacksonville beach fl

Lash tinting is an innovative procedure that involves gently dyeing your natural lash hairs. For ladies with thin, sparse, and/or light-colored lash hair, lash tinting darkens the lash’s hair color which creates the illusion of thicker and fuller lashes. The overall result is a mascara-effect, which frames the eyes and gives a more youthful appearance. The whole procedure is done by trained professionals with experience in all things lash-related, so there is no need to worry about risking the safety of your precious eyes and vision.

What else can I do to Improve my Lashes?

If you are already content with the color of your lashes, but still want to improve your look, then other services such as eyelash extensions and lash perming may do the trick. For those who would like longer lashes, extensions would be the way to go for immediate and drastic lengthening. They’re like falsies, but you get to wear them every day! Special care must be taken to maintain the lash extensions in order to preserve the integrity of your natural lashes and avoid excessive lash fall out.

If you are content with the length of your lashes, but think they are lacking a bit of oomph, then lash perming would be your best option. Similar to lash tinting, gentle chemicals would be used in order to restructure the curvature of your natural lashes. The result is a more open, wide-eyed look.

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